Providing an autopilot system
for electric grids

Our software always keeps the grid in
safe-operating conditions

Support for intentional and
emergency islanding

Inherent support for inertia-less

Enable integration of 100%
renewable production

Avoid grid reinforcement to integrate
renewables and EV charging stations

Maximum utilisation of
existing flexibility

One software for all types of
grids and resources

Fastest control of flexible resources
in the industry

Easy commissioning
(very minimal manual configuration)


About GridSteer

GridSteer is an EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne) spin-off, created to bring to the world our patented [1], [2] power grid control. We provide the fastest power management infrastructure available, especially conceived for inertia-less distribution power systems, on the market, achieving frequencies up to 10 times per second. This efficiently solves the problems of quality of service and power balance in the grid, even in the most adverse situations like 100% renewable production and inertia-less systems. Its main feature is to be able to abstract any kind energy resource independent of its nature, allowing it to exploit all sources of flexibility.

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What values/services we bring?

  • Manages power flows in the grid
  • Always keeps the grid in safe operating conditions (voltage fluctuations and line currents)
  • Maximises the utilisation of the flexible resources in the grid
  • Can provide real-time support (frequency support, follow a dispatch plan at PCC computed in advance) to the upper grid
  • Supports inertia-less grids (100% integration of inverter-based resources)

What values/services we bring?

  • Are specifically designed and tailored by type of technology (e.g. batteries, charging stations, etc)
  • Collects measurements from resources and directly actuates on them using specific communication protocol
  • The above quantities can be used by the GridSteer Grid Agent, for optimally exploiting the flexibility of the resource
  • Communicate power setpoints received by an external controller to the resource
  • Based on the internal state of the resource, calculation of three quantities:
    1. Power flexibility (active and reactive)
    2. Willingness of the resource to do a particular power setpoint
    3. Associated implementation uncertainties

What values/services we bring?

  • For long-term energy planning, e.g., day-ahead energy planning.
  • Forecast of both energy production and consumption resources
  • Use of robust optimisation techniques to counter uncertainties in forecast
  • Can use diverse objectives, e.g., dispatch plan, self-consumption, peak-shaving, among others
  • Computation of optimal trajectory for flexible / controllable resources

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Distribution system operators, microgrid operators, facility managers, among others

What values/services we bring?

  • Quick and secure management of distributed energy resources
  • Maximal flexibility utilisation
  • Delay or fully avoid grid reinforcement
  • Minimisation of the required additional flexibility for integrating renewables and big loads
  • Seamless support for intentional and emergency islanding
  • Aggregation of power capabilities, enabling scalability
  • Enable the provision of power services, such as primary frequency support or dispatchability
  • Evaluation of existing and sizing of new flexibility

Energy storage providers, charging station providers, renewable energy producers, among others

What values/services we bring?

  • Enable the provision of power services to the main grid
  • Smooth decoupling of local and global objectives
  • Optimal management of flexible resources
  • Efficient estimation of power flexibility for tailored technologies
  • Single software solution independent of vendor or resource particularities

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