About GridSteer

GridSteer is an EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne) spin-off, created to bring to the world our patented [1], [2] power grid control. We provide the fastest power management infrastructure available, especially conceived for inertia-less distribution power systems, on the market, achieving frequencies up to 10 times per second. This efficiently solves the problems of quality of service and power balance in the grid, even in the most adverse situations like 100% renewable production and inertia-less systems. Its main feature is to be able to abstract any kind energy resource independent of its nature, allowing it to exploit all sources of flexibility.

Our technology was designed with scaling in mind, and it is able to adapt to all size of grids, from microgrids of a few devices to controlling a whole country.


Our vision is to live in a world where 100% of the electricity production comes from renewable sources. This poses a formidable challenge to electric grids in term of quality of service, and power and energy balance. As GridSteer we aim at commercializing a solution where our members have participated to developed as part of the EPFL Smart Grid group.


We started this project as part of the EPFL Smart Grid group, a team combining the Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory led by Prof. Mario Paolone and the Laboratory for Communications and Applications led by Prof. Jean-Yves Le Boudec. By combining technologies from power systems and computer science, we participated in the development of a novel control framework called COMMELEC to control electric grids in real-time, even if the grid has very little or no inertia, as is typical when there is large distributed generation. This solution solves the problem of quality of service and energy balance without major investment.


Our technology has been validated in the microgrid laboratory of the DESL, Lausanne, Switzerland, and its implementation is being finalised at the EMPA NEST building, Dübendorf, Switzerland.

By the end of the year, we will completely control 6 buildings from EPFL, equipped with solar generation, alongside a 1MWh battery.

We have recently joined the SCCER-FURIES to help meet the objectives of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050.

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