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MESH4U is a consortium of polish, german, italian and swiss projects. It's goal is to develop and demonstrate multi-energy storage hub solutions (technology and service) for flexible operation at the end user in the local networks of SME (small and medium companies) / industry, technology providers to ESO (power system operators) / DSO (distribution system operators).

Gridsteer participates in the MESH4U project by deploying our charging station fleet controller in a grid in Aigle, Switzerland. Photovoltaic panels (3.2 MW), charging stations (600 kW) and a battery energy storage system (2.5MWh) will be interfaced with our Resource Agents. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy provided GridSteer with funds for the completion of this 2.5 years long deployment.


The Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Lausanne owns its microgrid with battery energy storage systems, photovoltaic panels and controllable loads. Our grid control solution Commelec has been validated in that microgrid. It is now being updated to include the control of the 150kW fast charging station deployed in 2020.


The NEST ( is a building that hosts several energy resources, thermal and electrical, and it is planned to be connected to the Mobility Demonstrator Move (

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