Charging Station Fleet Controller

Our charging station fleet controller is based on our grid control framework Commelec, with specific goals that are designed to fit the needs of charging station fleets. These goals have the following main benefits:

Reduce energy bill

with peak power shaving​

with self-consumption maximization

with power profile prediction + tracking

Minimize grid reinforcem-ents

with peak power shaving

Symbiotic relationship with grid operators

with peak power shaving​

with reactive power control

with power profile prediction + tracking


More Detail

Using historical data (irradiance, EV users charging patterns, load profiles, ...), an external computer builds a day-ahead dispatch plan for the CSF grid that optimizes different objectives. The plan is then sent to the Grid Agent (GA) for the intra-day real-time control. The GA then follows the plan as much as possible by using the flexibility of the resources. With little Grid Operator input, the GA can control the reactive power of the CSF. In the figure, 1 and 2 denote any resource that is in the grid under control.