Microgrid Autopilot


Our microgrid autopilot is based on our grid control framework CommelecThe microgrid autopilot (MGA) is responsible for planning the prosumption of the grid that it is piloting and tracking the plan by controlling the flexible resources of that grid (i.e., storage systems, controllable loads, charging stations for electric vehicles, photovoltaic panels, etc). The core benefits of our grid autopilot are:

Reduce energy bill

with peak power shaving​

with self-consumption maximization

with power profile prediction + tracking

avoid grid reinforcements

Grid Stability

with peak power shaving
reactive power and voltage control
frequency support
grid awareness ensures grid safety 


abstraction of resources

aggregation of sub-grids

standardized communication between resources and autopilot

Other benefits include the respect of the privacy of resource owners, inertia-less grid support (thus enabling renewable based grids), facility to include new resources in the grid, easy deployment, adaptability to new technologies, islanded mode, etc. 

More Detail

In the case of microgrids, the main objectives are to facilitate the insertion of renewables and electric mobility, as well as maximize the self-consumption. The Commelec based microgrid autopilot is ideal for eco-districs and energy communities. It can run the grid on islanded mode and reconnect it to the distribution grid thanks to our patented algorithm. In the figure, one can find a generic microgrid autopilot configuration. The flake-like patterns represent aggregated subgrids.

With Commelec, communities and microgrids will be aggregated locally to become local producers and will balance local imbalances as a retributed service for grid operators. 


If you want to know more about our microgrid autopilot, please contact us!