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Multi-service battery

Our multi-service battery solution is an asset for industrial grid users, distribution system operators (DSO), transmission system operators (TSO) and energy traders. Each of these entities can benefit from our batteries' services!

Let's get into more detail:

The benefits for our industrial partners
Electricity bill reduction

Our battery storage system is installed behind the meter of our industrial partner. This allows us to reduce its energy bill, mainly by shaving the peaks of its power consumption. Shaving the peaks also reduces future needs of electrical infrastructure upgrade and investment. 

consumer curve.png
Backup energy
Image by Thomas Kelley

If a black-out occurs and the electric grid is not able to provide our industrial partner with energy, our battery will switch to grid forming mode: it will maintain nominal voltage and frequency, while providing power for as long as possible. 

No hassle & extra revenues

We commission, manage and control the battery. All savings made on the electricity bill thanks to the battery are shared. 
In parallel, we forecast our partner's power consumption profile and perform grid services when its consumption is low; the revenues from these services are also shared. Combining both services is the key to turn the storage systems economical.

Image by Linda Segerfeldt

Industrial partner

Battery energy storage system

Your battery may be small or large, indoors or outdoors depending on your needs and space availability.

Gridsteer takes care of finding the best option for you. 


Indoor cabinet


Outdoor cabinet


Outdoor container

TSO services

Our battery storage systems are seen as a single aggregated grid service provider from the transmission system operator point of view. Indeed, we participate in the ancillary services market. To do so, we decide through machine learning algorithms when and how much each of our batteries can bid. Then, we advertise the overall capacity available for grid services to our energy trader partner, who is responsible for placing optimal bids on the ancillary services market. The revenues from these bids are then shared. 

DSO services

Our battery storage systems are installed sparsely in the low/medium voltage grid. They are therefore able to act as assets that provide local flexibility to the distribution grid operator. For instance, they can provide support for real-time imbalance management, voltage control and local congestion management. Although the market for such services is currently difficult to put in place, many DSOs are convinced that easy-to-use local flexibility market platforms are coming and we at Gridsteer will be ready to play a role as they emerge. 

How we perform grid services

Your company has a large energy consumption?

Reach out to us and we will gladly elaborate (at our expense) a feasibility study for you.

What to expect from our assessment? 

It will simply reveal whether deploying one of our batteries at your site makes economical sense for you and us. 
No strings attached, the study remains at our charge. So ...

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